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Vehicles for Consciousness

By February 1, 2022No Comments

Something wonderful happened over the weekend.

It happened inside of me and it happened outside in the world too.

An energetic shift.

I smiled and cried, listening to the endless sound of horns as I watched video footage of the #FreedomConvoy2022 online.  The people are rising up!

By Monday morning, more signs of shift, good news on the outside.  Hypocrisy revealed.  Mandate U-turns.  Truth seeping through the cracks… everywhere.

The other shift happened inside of me.  I’d been wrestling with anger and resentment for months, agitated, more sharp tongued than usual.  It doesn’t feel good. But perhaps it’s all been necessary, this process.

On Sunday evening as I sat on my bed contemplating what’s ahead, it all suddenly dissolved.  Did the cheer from the lorry drivers shift my mood?  Did a trick of the mind change the story that has been playing on endless loop for months?  Maybe a little bit of those things.  But this felt more like something from above, a feeling of expansiveness.  My fragmented self seemed to re-unite and I temporarily merged with the space around me.  It feels like bliss when that happens.

I’d spoken with a lightworker friend about it all earlier that day too.  He happens to be a lorry driver too, so I shared my excitement for the peaceful uprising, as well as recounting my recent fears and frustrations in recent times too. Observant as ever, he said something like this;

‘The middle path… whatever term is used, we must emotionally and energetically be on the in between, the hover above the contradiction.  Whenever extreme emotion and feeling is thrown in to something so fast and so full on then one must zoom out and assess what other possibilities there are.  What is the distraction?  For how long has said distraction taken me out of my Being in the current moment?  That’s the hijack of humanity… ‘.  

He also reminded me to stop neglecting myself.  He was right.  Too much Doing… marching, signing, tweeting, fretting, reading, watching, raging, thinking.  Thanks R.

And then it returned, early that evening.  The eternal Being.

Later on, I consulted the oracle; it had been too long.  The Hindu goddess Durga appeared. The warrior goddess reminded me that I (perhaps all of us) am experiencing things ‘that would have made former versions of myself crumble’. Willpower, strength and loving protection.  Perhaps I should give myself more credit.

I reflected too on how I’ve grown in the past year.  I’ve moved forward more than I realise.  The focus recently has been more on power and politics, rather than spirituality, but perhaps it had to happen that way.  I reflected that a few years ago I may well have been the person who glanced at a headline about nuisance freedom fighters and dismissed their message, their togetherness and their power as ‘far right, ****** rubbish’.  Back then I stood by the righteous elite. It’s ironic that I too have felt the sting of those same accusations in recent months.

And just today, I have seen some beautiful displays of higher consciousness playing out in the physical realm; Joe Rogan displayed not only honesty, integrity and nuance in the face of public denouncement but also called for balanced discussion and offered an olive branch to those who sought to silence him; the psychologist Ralph Smart gave an uplifting spiritual perspective on his Infinite Waters channel saying ‘The good news is that humanity learning that being free is their birthright’, reminding us what this was all about from the beginning;

‘Fear blocks manifestation.  Love activates manifestation.  They are afraid of you, in your power. They are afraid of love. Because love creates a world they cannot control… so you have to KEEP VIBRATING IN LOVE… the Freedom Convoy must first begin in your mind and in your heart.  Have that freedom convoy in your mind and in your heart and in your spirit and you will become unstoppable.

~ Ralph Smart, 2022

And Canadian spiritual coach Matthew Belair made his way to Ottowa at the weekend and shared his experiences – inviting men in particular to consider what they can do to navigate this psychological war and build new systems for our children and our communities.

And of course we can always rely on the divine being that is Russell Brand to bring an observant and harmonious voice to any story, highlighting themes of power and oppression, freedom and tolerance that are playing out in this ongoing and multi-faceted moment in history.

And finally, I spoke to one friend today. Without actually saying it, we smiled warmly at one another and agreed to disagree. That felt good.

The shift in consciousness is happening.  Our job is to hold space and embody it.

Stay vigilant.  Hold that light.

Much love x