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”for the people, by the people”

This weekend The People’s Health Alliance officially launched in the UK. This is a brand new grass roots movement in healthcare which aims to provide an alternative system that can be accessed by everyone.

The aim of the PHA is to allow communities to access health and wellness services that provide an integrated, patient-centered approach.
The PHA principles are;
  • We take personal responsibility for our own health;
  • We work collaboratively, together, as practitioner and patient;
  • We are all equals regardless of our role;
  • We believe access to healthcare is a right, not a privilege;
  • We welcome everyone;
  • We embrace an integrative approach to health;
  • We acknowledge the role of nature in healing;
  • We recognise the importance of preventative care.
The new website also includes information for NHS employees, groups looking to open a PHA Health Hub in their community, as well as information and resources for members of the public – including a Health Optimisation Programme, a recovery programme for individuals who are suffering from covid vaccine injuries and information about treatment payments and funding.
Ambassadors for The People’s Health Alliance include;
Dr Sam White -Medical
Dr David Cartland -Medical
Helen Gibson -Mental Wellbeing
June Tranmer -Paediatrics
Nickita Stark -Pregnancy & Birth
James Edwards-Thompson – Hubs
If you are a practising healthcare provider or therapist (of modern or traditional/ holistic medicine) further details can be found via the links below, including instructions on how to download the Health Hub Blueprint;
PHA website –
PHA Northamptonshire Hub Telegram group –
Our Northamptonshire group will be reviewing the PHA Health Hub Blueprint and making plans in the coming weeks.