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Hello friends,

I hope you’re doing and feeling well, wherever you are in the world.

Following a recent internal shift, I have made a few changes to my practise which I am very pleased to share with  you.

Social (media) Freedom 

I’ve now permanently deleted my personal and business social media accounts and will just communicate via email and text from now on (phone calls are always very welcome too! :)).

I am doing this because I want to direct my energy towards supporting and manifesting the following things instead;
– Raising my / your/ our vibration during these times of rapid change and collective evolution, through my work and practises. 
– Anchoring higher frequencies of consciousness on to this earth plane through the practise of meditation.  
– Studying and expanding my skills as an energy medicine practitioner – in case you didn’t know, I’m currently studying a three-year course in five element acupuncture! 
And I will direct my energy and attention away from the things that I no longer wish to support or allow in to my space ~
– algorithms, apps and dopamine, draining our attention and harvesting our consciousness (this hasn’t happened by mistake and we all deserve better than this)
– content saturation – draining our time, energy and self-esteem (same reasons as above!).
– fear, co-dependence and the frequencies of totalitarianism and control ~ these things we can dissolve by turning our attention towards more positive and loving vibrations – sovereignty, freedom and love. 
”Technology and media are not uniting the world.  They pretend to provide a world that is inter-netted, but in reality, all they deliver is a simulated world of shadows.  Accordingly, they make our human world more anonymous and lonely”.
~ John O’Donohue, Anam Cara

Professional memberships

Secondly, I have made the decision this week not to re-new my professional memberships for my Reiki practise.  Professional accreditation for Reiki practitioners is optional and I would certainly recommend it, particularly for new practitioners or those who wish to work in healthcare settings.  However, I recently came to realise that I was a little too attached to my badges, and I now seek the freedom to align myself with some other organisations who are doing vital work at this time – in particular the UK Medical Freedom Alliance and the Covid-19 Assembly.

That’s all for now.

Beaming lots of love to you all,

Angela x