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Show your support for the #NHS100K campaign

By January 23, 2022No Comments

Seeing restrictions rolled back in the UK from next week is great news for many of us, but as draconian and invasive rules continue to tighten in other countries (France, Australia, Austria, Italy and elsewhere) and up to 80,000 NHS workers set to lose their jobs on 1st April 2022, along with the continued blurring of lines between politics and health, all of this news may well be raising more questions than it answers.

NHS100K campaigners were out in full force this weekend, taking part in the peaceful marches and demonstrations across the UK, alongside the Wordwide Rally for Freedom events which take place on a monthly basis across the globe.

The #NHS100K campaign was set up in November 2021 by a group of ambulance workers in order to support NHS employees who do not wish to take a Covid-19 vaccination. The campaign is building momentum throughout the UK via public demonstrations, support from the Together Declaration, donations, social media coverage and more recently, coverage in mainstream media.

NHS100K Stance

Like many grass roots groups that have formed over the past two years, the NHS100K believe in bodily autonomy, voluntary and informed consent, and the upholding of medical ethics.

Once you allow a government to mandate a medical intervention, you set a very dangerous precedent that is hard to come back from.

~ NHS100K

If you would like to get involved or show your support, please visit

And for further insights, here is another great blog written anonymously by a nurse;

Finally, a word from Dr Clare Craig on the issues surrounding vaccination mandates;

Resources mentioned;

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Together Declaration –

Worldwide Rally for Freedom –

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Thank you for reading!  Next time I will share a few thoughts around the phrase ‘anti-vaxxer’ – what does this term mean? what should be considered when you hear this term used in the mainstream media or among friends and family? and the nuances between being ‘anti’ and ‘pro’ when it comes to medical interventions…