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My Soul Tribe

By February 17, 2020October 28th, 2020No Comments

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have met some amazing bright souls over the past couple of years. They said they would show up in waves and my goodness they have.

These are individuals who I admire and respect greatly. They have each helped me in countless ways and I’m so glad to be able to tell you about them.

The teachers and healers

Kerry Wilde
I am so very lucky to have found Kerry. It happened quite suddenly, on a warm day last summer, through the kindness of the universe. Much like a similar clairaudient experience from years earlier, I heard a whisper in my ear and a few days later I found myself sat cross-legged in a clay earth dome, gazing in to her eyes. Kerry is an accomplished Kundalini teacher, Reiki Master and feminine healer. Her women’s circles are like medicine for the heart and they are vital in these times. If you live in Northampton or London, please visit her! She taught me about energy and embodiment and facing my shadow with just a few carefully chosen words. I once desperately asked her ‘but Kerry, what am I meant to be Doing??’. Her warm reply went something like this; ‘don’t Do my love, just Be

Wendy Mandy
This woman is a true spiritual grandmother. Cosy jumpers and motherly to the core and so very brainy you will swear under your breath in admiration. Based in Notting Hill, Wendy offers shamanic acupuncture sessions to her clients, clearing everything from back pain and stomach aches to epigenetic imprints and soul trauma. With her impressive and highly practical insights on modern life and indigenous wisdom, she leaves you with a feeling somewhere between shock and salvation. I have never before been in the presence of a person who is able to look at me and through space and time all at once.

Nadège Laure
If I could pick a person to drink herbal tea with in an imaginary café, somewhere far away, I would pick this person. Nadège truly is a box of happiness. My dear friend, the beautiful girl from France who travelled the world then settled in Melbourne, sprinkling love and flowers and yoga postures wherever she goes. Her Instagram page is a delight. Her words and insights are measured and thoughtful and nurturing. If you happen to be in her part of the world, she teaches Hatha, yin and restorative yoga. And if you’re anywhere else, Nadège offers amazingly powerful distance Reiki and Akashic Record sessions and online coaching. Her insights are beautiful and profound. Nadège takes care of people with sisterly support and loving-kindness. She really is a treasure.

The writers and thinkers

Eckhart Tolle
Eckhart Tolle is a world renowned spiritual teacher and author. He is best known for his books The Power of Now and A New Earth, which have together sold over eight million copies worldwide. His message is one of universal spirituality which transcends religion and culture, focusing primarily on the power of the present moment and the evolution of consciousness throughout humanity. A good friend recommended The Power of Now to me less than a year ago. I didn’t quite get it at first. Perhaps I wasn’t ready for it. But since then I’ve been pushed to reading it extensively, studying it and letting it slowly sink in. If you read one book this year, make it this one. And then read A New Earth as well because it’s even better!

Russell Brand
When I have the time, I love to watch Russell Brand’s videos on YouTube. He discusses everything from news and politics, celebrities and social media, to spirituality and human nature. His job is this; he shines the light of consciousness on this sometimes dark and distressing world, with thoughtful insight and loving awareness. To me, Russell Brand is the embodiment of generosity and kindness, of divine masculine energy, of humour and love and messy human-ness in all its glory. I am grateful to him for providing a platform for so many great thinkers, healers and writers. I also love his book ‘Recovery’, reading it feels like receiving a sincere gift directly from this beautiful human.

“There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met”
Jim Henson

I would also like to offer my gratitude to some wonderful people who helped me on my way long before I was ready to begin. Katy, from FireBeans Healing, who whispered the words ‘crystal therapy’ to me across the ether over twelve years ago. She introduced me to the power of healing crystals and at the time, the sessions she carried out, they saved me. Ever since, Katy has always been there for me, in times of crisis and change. Gabriela Kandir, my fantastic Ashtanga teacher, she sparked my passion for yoga and meditation. Her sense of conviction and drive and passion for life has had a profound influence on me. Gabby is a person I will always admire, wherever life takes her. Without knowing or trying, those Ashtanga classes quite quickly triggered my Kundalini energy into action. It was the start of new beginnings. And of course, the kind and spirited Tricia Robinson, who I was led to 18 months ago, through a wave of synchronicities. She caught me in her motherly arms, helped me to pick up the pieces when my old life fell apart and then duly marched me off to my Reiki training course.

And my Dear Ones

And then there are those who I have and hold dearest, who make life worth living;

My friends and family. They let me be myself, make me feel okay, even if the version of me they get isn’t always the best one.  They entertain me when I’m bored and pour endless cups of tea and point out the obvious and make me laugh a lot, just because that’s their job. And I hope I manage to show up and do the same for them.

My children. Because being a mother is the most privileged thing I have ever done. Motherhood has given me the experience of unconditional love and the opportunity to understand duty and selflessness and joy. My children have taught me so much; to enjoy simplicity and laughter, to count my blessings, to be messy and spontaneous and constantly silly. They anchor me in love and home, sweets, grazed knees and boundless affection. It’s my job to be their mum and always will be and that makes me feel very fortunate every day.

And we must not forget those other encounters; there will always be difficult and challenging interactions, which add to the tapestry of our lives. People will come and go. Let them. Learn from them. When someone comes along who annoys you, upsets you, provokes something uncomfortable within you…explore it, face it head-on, transmute that energy. These are all experiences to learn from and grow.

And of course, there are those we’ve met and known, sometimes only briefly, who have touched the depths of our souls, spoken to the deepest parts of us and made us feel completely understood, completely seen, completely loved. These are the ones who will remain etched in our hearts always.

Everyone is our Soul family, actually. We are one tribe. We are all connected.