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The theme of Sovereignty has jumped out at me on a few occasions over the past year.  Spiritual teachers and political activists speak of it often, there are yogic workshops a-plenty that invite us to ‘take back our Sovereign power‘, the news talks about the sovereignty of nations and people, even one of my Chinese medicine tutors used this term recently – and its unique quality, its vibrational resonance is difficult to ignore.

What does Sovereignty mean? A quick internet search relates the word to political theory relating to ”the ultimate overseer, or authority, in the decision-making process of the state and in the maintenance of order”.

When one of my tutors used this term at college, I sensed that he was inviting us to find our sovereign power and sense of true Self through the process of alchemical healing; sovereignty as an internal process…

Last weekend I finally made it along to a common law workshop with some friends, hosted by Awakening Nation.  Events and workshops such as these have been building momentum all over the country as more and more people begin to awaken to their true power as individuals.   This particular event was run by ‘Sovereign Pete’ (Peter Stone) and entitled ‘Dissolve the Illusion’.  The day packed in a lot of information – relating to the fragility of current power structures, the hierarchy of law, the history of the plebetoral system, public vs private entities and the true power of the individual in this ‘smoke and mirrors’ order.

The main message was focussed on helping individuals to realise their true power and inner sovereignty, teaching us to turn the perceived ‘hierarchy’ on its head – operating and interacting with public and private entities from our own personal jurisdiction.  

Whether administratively, bodily, or spiritually, being sovereign is a status (not a title!) and as natural beings, we do not need to debate or argue for our personal freedoms with anybody. Freedom is our birthright.

And I know that I can explore such topics from a place of safety and relative security.  There are people living in fear all over the world right now – in Ukraine, in Afghanistan, in Palestine and in Yemen. In New Zealand, in Canada. In China and in Russia too.  Like all of us, I hope and pray that peace is restored very soon and that all people who are effected by war and tyranny of all kinds have the opportunity to reclaim their birthright and co-create a world that enables humanity to thrive.

Over the past few years, my ‘awakening’ process has been technological, medical, political and of course spiritual in nature too.  All of these lessons have provided opportunities – to learn more, to change how I interact with the world, to become more humble, to help expand our collective consciousness and to awaken to my true nature.  This human experience is bewildering and frightening at times, but often I can feel the beauty of the universe unfolding from within my belly.  And right now, I know and feel that I am alive, I am present, and I am held in love; and I extend that love to you.


Peter Stone’s book is called The System : Death by a Thousand Cuts.